European Cremation Network (ECN)

A professional but informal network that connects funeral industry professionals across Europe.

The network provides a platform for crematorium managers and employees and other professionals to share knowledge, experiences and ideas related to cremation services.

About ECN

The aim of the network is to support and improve the cremation industry by promoting communication and collaboration among its members. Through the network, members can share best practices, discuss emerging trends and seek advice and support from their peers.

For more than 20 years already, ECN serves as a valuable resource for crematorium professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge related to cremation services. By facilitating collaboration, information-sharing and technical visits to crematoria and cemetries, the network helps to promote the highest standards of care and professionalism in the industry.

Overall, the European Cremation Network plays an important role in advancing the cremation industry by bringing together cremation professionals from across Europe to share knowledge and ideas, ultimately benefiting families and their loved ones during their time of grief.

Each year, ECN chooses a different location in Europe to host these network meetings. So, if you are a professional in or a supplier to the cremation industry, we hope to meet you at our next meeting.

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